30 June 2023

Interior Design by Bijan

Bijan approached this assignment to create based on our needs and visions. Here we have newly built apartments, super modern apartments in a very historical Fischer town 🎣 that we had the need to – dress to sell.

Bijan went to see the place, to see the windows, how much light will be there, to make sure the inside and the outside harmonize. Then he created the base of a show apartment with A) the possibility to move in right away and B) to have the base that attracts any client. Any race, any sex, it’s attractive and timeless to everyone. An organized, elegant, hotel style where the personal touches need to be added by the homeowner. Therefore, he didn’t go to crazy with centre pieces and art yet as we don’t know who will move in. It’s a timeless base with everything in beige, sand tones combined with wood. All warm and earthy tones, high end finishings to have a cozy home that harmonies with the modern building as well as the beautiful outside. From the single business man to a family with kids. Everyone can feel homely right away and have it finished to their own needs, how they want to experience their home. We all want to have a beautiful home. It’s a reflection of who we are ! A beautiful home helps us to live better, to feel better. 

As we are all unique and different we have some different understandings of beautiful. One person might love Mykonos blue as its paired with good memories while another person loves to go for less colourful textures. I created here the base that anyone can unfold and decide how they would love to experience their home.

Bijan Laufer – Interior Designer
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